Performance Coaching for your Business or Team:


Performance Coaching is an integral part of any successful business philosophy which is focussed on growth and forward momentum. Auctus Bespoke Training Solutions can train your Leaders to coach and mentor their own colleagues, staff and customers to ensure a goal focussed workplace culture built on the ideology of continued professional and personal development.


Performance Coaching positively influences customer experience too, as continued team member development directly impacts upon anyone who accesses your business' services, thus adding further value to those customers who hold dear the concept of high quality service. When your customers goals become important to your team members, then those customers with feel listened to, valued and respected, offering loyalty in return. Are these the customers you want?


Coaching can be delivered in conjunction with training to enable individual team members to more deeply embed any learning and develop further self-improvement plans and support the cultural changes your business needs. This process also helps to align individual and business core aims and values, which improves staff motivation and drive.


Performance Coaching for you:


At Auctus Bespoke Training Solution we offer one-to-one coaching to those looking to make personal or professional changes in their lives, which can be difficult to achieve when facing difficult, and often overwhelming, tasks alone. Coaching in this way offers you the opportunity to examine and grow your personal resources, while developing a strategy to ensure your goals are reached through measurable stages. 

We will work with you to tackle any limiting beliefs that hold you back, and establish an ongoing momentum until you have achieved your desired aims. Our coaching support methods include positive psychological techniques designed to unlock potential, develop self-belief and provide an evidenced skill set for you draw upon time and again.

Would you or your business benefit from:

  • Improving Self/Team Confidence

  • Ongoing Self/Team Development

  • Learning New Skills

  • Finding a Pathway to Success

  • Achieving Greater Work/Life Balance

  • Identifying & Achieving Goals

  • Developing a Plan to Manage Change​

If so then Performance Coaching will provide the much needed resources to propel you and/or your team forward.