Here at Auctus Bespoke Training Solutions we offer a range of management and team training that is supported by our over-arching philosophy. Our dream is to develop thriving workplace cultures by providing inspiring training experiences that encourages growth, optimism and innovation.

James Donaldson - Creator and Senior Training Consultant




Since leaving the Armed Forces in February 2015, Jim has utilised his extensive Personal Development and Trainer skillset to create Auctus Bespoke Training Solutions, a training company specialising in the development of Humanistic skills.


Jim's expertise and experience was forged in the demanding culture of the British Army, where his specialist role involved supporting and coaching service personnel through times of extreme personal difficulty, including life changing injuries and psychological turmoil. He was also charged with the management, training & development of specialist support teams and services. Jim is also a teacher of Mindfulness practice and aims to continue his development in this field by attending progressive "Mindfulness in the Workplace" training this year (2017) at Oxford University.


Jim uses positive psychological & psychotherapeutic techniques to form the basis of his innovative approach in enabling the business world to develop and grow additional values. Values that are filtered through improved team productivity directly to the customer. His engaging personality and straight approach ensures that those who attend his courses return to the workplace enlivened and envigoured to raise their game.


Although it is early days for Auctus, Jim has secured opportunities to work with global brands and received an exceptional level of customer satisfaction and feedback to date. Since beginning the Auctus journey he has developed and delivered programmes for the Manchester United Foundation, Wolverhampton & Harper Adams Universities and St David's Hospice. 

He passionately believes that his reason for being on this planet is to be able to inspire and enable others to find the best versions of themselves & realise their own true potential.


Jim loves books & "quotes" too..


"Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth.  To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one's potential."

                                                                                      Bruce Lee

"You are thee most amazing person I have ever met xxx"

                                    Linda Green

"Very informative session with key areas covered that I will be looking to apply in my work/personal life."


FEHW Wolverhampton University


"Excellent Facilitator, kept attention throughout. Interesting and Informative.  Small groups enabled better learning."


Wolverhampton University



Alix Winsor - Admin Guru & Right Hand Woman!



An earlier dream of serving her country was realised for Alix, when she travelled the world whilst serving in the Royal Air Force. There she learned the values of leadership and a strong team ethic, which enabled her to work in the most demanding of organisations. One of her most memorable personal achievements was standing on the open rear door of a Hercules air transporter as it made its way, at low level, through the beautiful black mountains of South Wales.

Following her discharge, Alix gained significant experience in the world of business, finance and administration, which she later put to good use in creating her own successful online retail enterprise, before succumbing to her husband’s charms (and pathetically desperate pleas for help) by joining forces with him to create Auctus Bespoke Training Solutions.

She is passionate about finding balance and value in her own life each and every day as a way of creating a philosophy, both professional and personal, which is inspired and positively charged. Her most recent personal project has been to complete a 21 day (now ongoing‘Happiness Advantage’ programme aimed to boost mental awareness of daily positive occurrences and increase personal performance

Recently she has pushed her own boundaries by completing high ropes and zip wire challenges in her beloved home in North Wales, where she ensures her family’s love and loyalty through the daily provision of delicious, restaurant standard, home- cooked meals. Her loyalty and passion provide an integral backbone to us all here at Auctus.