Here at Auctus Bespoke Training Solutions we specialise in the development of the "Human" in your Human Resources. By providing bespoke training we can tailor make courses to enhance and improve all aspects of the working environment. Investing in your people ensures that they will invest in your business.

What's in for You?


Grow your business, organisation or team by developing working ethos, enhancing role satisfaction and encouraging self-leadership at all levels. Such ongoing development will ensure you add continued value that directly benefits your customers and creates greater client loyalty.


Whether developing bespoke training programmes to boost Leadership and enhance Soft Skills, Performance Coaching to enhance Motivation and Focus, or by improving staff well-being through Mindfulness in the Workplace.


Together we can identify the right plan to grow your people and business  to ensure the very best experience for your customers.




To Encourage & Grow


"The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership"

Harvey S Firestone


Very informative session with key areas covered that I will be looking to apply in my work/personal life.


Faculty for Education, Health @ Wellbeing, University of Wolverhampton




Excellent Facilitator, kept attention throughout. Interesting and Informative.  Small groups enabled better learning.


Manchester United


Interesting reflective experience. It made me think a lot about me as a person & how that impacts on my Customer Service delivery.


Harper Adams University





Very Enjoyable.  Challenging in a necessary way. Applicable to all areas of work and life.


Harper Adams University

WORKSHOPS: Tailor Made For Your Needs:


Appraisal Skills  .  Assertiveness  .  Change Management  .  Coaching & Mentoring  .  Confidence Building


Conflict Management  .  Customer Service  .  Dealing with Difficult People  .  Delegating  .  


Handling Disclosures & Complaints  .  Effective Communication  .  Empowerment  .  Fostering Creativity


Interpersonal Skills  .  Leadership Development  .  Managing People  .  Mindfulness in the Workplace


Planning and Organising  .  Problem Solving  .  Stress & Resilience




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