Resilience Training

Resilience Toolkit

15 years in the making, this 10-part modular training package enables you, or your people, to break down the aspects of personal resilience that matter most. 

Each module covers areas for reflection, development, and practice, and is supported by an accompanying handbook to ensure that each attendee can create and sustain the actions and habits that make the difference in their professional and personal lives.

All modules and tools are supported by current research and built around the philosophies of positive psychology and mindfulness.

"This has given me much to think about and real tools I can use from today."

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Accetpance & Commitment

This 6-part modular course looks at how each of us can take charge of our thought processes to alleviate the stresses of personal and professional life.

The content is demonstrated to reduce anxiousness and depressive thinking, which can impact us all individually and collectively in our families and offices.

A supporting workbook will ensure you or your people can design their own practices and habits to ensure benefits that are long-lasting and life-enhancing.

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