Working together in delivering the 'Beyond the Ball' programme developing soft skills for coaching staff involved in community engagement programmes.

Auctus Bespoke Training Solution were asked to create a package of personal skills training for foundation members responsible for the delivery of programmes to young people in inner city Manchester. The brief given was to enable delivery staff to engage effectively with the young people accessing the programmes and for staff to consider how their own personal experiences might influence, both positive and negative, their delivery.


Observing the training, I was able to see how the trainer engaged with the staff by using a delivery style that was accessible to the audience and which acknowledged their sport background by keeping them active in the learning experience. Staff were encouraged to interact throughout the day and caused to challenge their own thinking regarding how they may be viewed by the young people they work with daily.


The feedback received from my staff was overwhelmingly positive and the training has continued to be the subject of discussion, at times within the workplace. I feel that Auctus Bespoke Training Solutions really delivered a successful days training following a difficult brief, which has helped my staff to ensure a deeper level of self-reflection resulting in a more competent delivery style.

John Shiels

Chief Executive

Manchester United Foundation




Customer Focus and Conflict Resolution programmes delivered to academic and support staff.





Since 2014 providing Leadership programmes and Soft Skills training to supporting staff from Directorate to Delivery levels, including Customer Relationships, Managing Disclosures and Working with Difficulty.


Thank you very much for working in partnership with the University to understand our needs, and design and deliver programmes that have improved our services . Your talents for working with our staff , engaging them in practical and realistic challenges, whilst supporting them through many changes has been enthusiastically appreciated by all.

The flexibility you build into your design, has encouraged positive engagement at all levels, and the additional exercises (post events) you provide, embed the longer lasting changes we seek. Overall,  AUCTUS has built its reputation on delivering an outstanding set of training events,  all customised to specific needs, as is evident from the demand for your services!

Kind regards


Ann Kimbley | Head of Staff Development Unit | Human Resources | University of Wolverhampton



Delivering 'Mindfulness in the Workplace' sessions to medical and support staff providing the worlds best palliative care.