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Mindfulness in our Lives

Mindfulness in our Lives

When you ask people if they practice mindfulness there is a tendency to respond in one of 3 ways. 'Yes!', 'No!', or 'What the hell is mindfulness?' The best way to assimilate mindfulness into your day-to-day living is to first break it down into the basics of what it actually is. Sure, in time a philosophical way of being can evolve and enrich your life; however, to begin the best approach is a simple one.

In its simplest terms, mindfulness is a process for developing awareness. Think about it, how many times a day does your mind hijack your attention, and are you even aware when it does? Through the practices of mindfulness, we can begin to observe the mind in action and, from this more aware perspective, begin to access more moments in our day. Mind full to mindful, right? 

The benefits of mindfulness practice are thoroughly researched and supported by medical authorities globally as a method for enhancing wellbeing and diminishing mental ill-health. Benefits can include:

  • Developed Concentration & Focus

  • Improved Self-Esteem & Compassion

  • Lessened Self-Criticism & Over-Thinking

  • Increased Connectivity & Self-Awareness 

For teams and organisations too, the benefits include:

  • Increased Team Cohesion & Supportiveness

  • Lessened Absenteeism & Presenteeism

  • Higher-level Workplace Satisfaction

  • Developed Problem Solving & Task Completion

James teaches mindfulness from a pragmatic point of view, accepting that we don't all enjoy, or have time for, long meditations. There are formal and informal methods to increase the awareness we bring to each day and James will help you find the right blend of techniques to ensure you feel the difference in your life. 

The 'Mindfulness in our Lives' program can be delivered to you personally in a manner that suits your commitments, or as a team through the 5-part course. For more information or to book a course then you can get in touch here.